Hi there, if you have made it to my page, you are probably wondering why in the world a 35 yr old woman has this template. LOL Let me explain!! First of all I am kimmee, I live in Montana with my hubby and 4 kids. I also have a part time job, answering the phone at a customer service desk. My life is a whirlwind of everything from teenage hormones to 3 yr old temper tantrums. And if you have never worked in customer service, let me just tell you customer service basically means the customer gets to scream at you and you have to like it. So my life is an adventure but I love every minute of it. Still wondering why the pink?? Well the story goes like this. My youngest daughter, Hannah is "THE BABY" I don't know if you have a "baby" in your family but if you do, you will understand where I am comming from. I guess "babies" get passed down from generation to generation. My sister is 24 and is still "the baby." "Babies" get certian perks, number one they never have to grow up, Santa Clause never stops visiting them, and I guess the tooth fairy will cart away their permanant teeth leaving coins under the pillow, when they are old enough for dentures. But we are all guilty of making the "babies" what they are. I can say being the oldest of 3 I certianly did my part in creating the "baby!" I was 11 when the first"baby" showed up, and I found myself at 31 laying my eyes on yet another "baby." Now, Hannah is in every sense of the word a true "baby." She is spoiled rotton!! We all do it, the other kids and my hubby are just as guilty as I am. What Hannah wants, Hannah gets. So, Hannah has a blanket she calls a "silk." She drags this thing all over the house and can't sleep without it. I am completely convienced that she will drag that thing straight up the asile with her thumb in her mouth on her wedding day. The precious "silk" is a twin sized satin comforter. It's purple on one side and pink on the other. It is extremely important that the pink side ALWAYS be showing. There is the occasional time that in a hurry we cover her up with the purple side on top, but don't for one minute think that this crime goes unpunished. We are reminded very quickly that Hannah in fact likes pink! How could we forget something so important? So in the hussle and bussle of everyday life I am constantly reminded that Hannah likes pink. As a matter of fact "I Like Pink" is said more in my house than any other phrase. So in the quiet of the morning after hubby is gone to work and the kids are still sleeping, I am online searching for a bit of quiet sanity, and a new blog template. Low and behold I come across this lovely pink template and the words screaming in my head, I LIKE PINK! So now that you know why I couldn't possibly pass up this template, on to other things.

I created this blog, in the beginning, to share my photos. But as I added photos the blog began getting really cluttered so I decided to expand. I have moved the photos to their own home on a brand new blog page. And I am eventually going to add blog pages for tubes I have made and photo manips I have done. So my little peice of the web has just gotten bigger.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 9, 2008 A day I hope to forget lol

Ok after a good nights rest, here's my run down of yesterday. Bear in mind I got in bed at midnight the night before lol I got up at 4:30am. Put on the coffee, made 3 ham and cheese and one scrambled egg, ham and cheese sandwiches. Packed chips, cookies and sandwiches for hubby and got him up. Of course since I have been sick and my daughter has been doing laundry he had no clean socks. So down to the laundry room I go. There I find the largest pile of dirty clothes ever! And in the washer and dryer? Only HER clothes. I guess when she said she was keeping the laundry going she meant she was only washing her own clothes. I managed to find him a pair of socks on top of the dryer. Did I mention that she does not fold and put them away? She just piles them on top of the dryer. So while I am there I put on a load of our clothes to wash and run back up stairs b4 hubby is late only to find that he already had socks on and was headed out the door. I tell him bye and head back down stairs to fold and put away 7 loads of laundry piled on top of the dryer. Yes half of them had fallen off and are now dirty again I worked on that mess until it was time for the my yougner daughter to get up and get a bath she had testing so I could order her homeschool books. I got her up grabbed her some clothes and started her testing online. I went back downstairs to wake the other kids up and start them getting ready for school. The "baby" woke up with blood dried on her face from a little bloody nose she had in her sleep. So into the bath she went. I went and got her some clothes and managed to get her bathed and dressed b4 I had to leave to take the kids to school. My son has decided that long hair is the style for him. But he doesn't think he should have to brush it. His hair is naturally wavy/curly so it goes everywhere, I had to grab a comb as we walked out the door and do something with his mop. I got the kids to school and me and the 2 little girls came back in to begin our day. I have been up for 4 hours and my day is just beginning lol. I got Haven started back on her testing, and hannah went in my room to watch Sesame Street. Did you know that freakin show is still on? It HAS to be the longest running show EVER. I know it has been on for at LEAST 30 years.... Anyhow while the girls are busy I cleaned the living room. I picked up all the clutter, put the plants in the shower for a good soaking and general dust removal. I bet they appreciated that as I always forget to water them. lol I dusted EVERYTHING, even the window sills! I sprayed the couch down with Febreeze, they have vanilla and lavender scent now and it's devine!! I sprinkled down the carpet with carpet powder and drug out the vaccuum. I even washed the walls with murphys oil soap. My living room is nice and clean and I am feeling pretty satisfied. So I get dressed and take the girls to town. We have to go to Kmart for a few things and they are having a great sale on some left over winter clothes. So we get a few bargians and my girls insist on buying some VERY glittery flip flops lol. And we are off to the grocery. We bought a large bill of groceries, including the expensive freaking dog food I made the mistake of buying once for my chihuahua who was sick. Why do dogs think once they eat something they like that they can not possibly eat another freaking thing? grrrrrr Anyhow we get home and unload the groceries make us a bowl of soup and sit down to relax for a few mins. I look at the clock and it's already 2pm. Where did my day go? I still have to make coffee, order Haven's books and get ready for work b4 3. So I get the coffee on and begin ordering the books, and it's a pain in the butt because I have to get only the books she failed on the test. So I am sitting here comparing books to test results. I get it ordered, and call them to see when they will be shipping. It's already 2:30pm and I run in to to get dressed. Pour myself a cup of coffee and run out the door to pick up my oldest. I am running late and my phone's my hubby and he wants me to locate his chili recipe b4 I go to work so he can make chili. OOOOKKKKK I am already running late but I will shut down and search for his chili recipe....grrrrr Then we get static and he says he'll call back. I call Haley and tell her I am comming and go ahead and explain what I need done while I am at work. I get her picked up and he calls back, and tells me that if I take off work he will take me to eat crab legs...he knows I can't take off why does he do this??? Anyhow, by then I am back home and I remember the plants are in the freaking bathtub!! I go in there to grab them and the plastic bottoms are still on them soooo they are full of water and when I say full I mean there is 4 gallons of water in each bucket and it has to drain b4 I can take them out of the tub. So I start them draining and tell my son what to do with the entire mess because I HAVE to go to work. But where's that chili recipe? I changed computers recently so did I move it over? I don't remember I do a search and come up with nothing. I look all through my desk, still nothing. I HAVE TO GO where is that freaking recipe and what in the heck does my hubby think he's doing calling me at the last minute wanting me to do this? I finally did find the recipe and leave for work. And of course I clock in LATE!!! grrrrrrr there goes my $.25 an hour incentive So I am on the phone when the boss comes around griping at all of us about the way we are taking calls. We sit through the gripe session and I am wondering why God made mondays if he was gonna punish me like this on a wednesday. The supervisor on last night is a 20 year old punk with nothing better to do than make us miserable. He made the seating chart and he puts me in the middle of a group of teenage boys. GREAT! So this one boy is farting and laughing about it and driving me absolutley batty. Cussing every other word and throwing candy everywhere. I am ready to pull my hair out, and our calls were really slow so I start in asking to go home early. Then this boy farts again and busts out laughing and I turn around and tell him to shut up that he's an idiot, and he says yea maybe but I am sexy. On that note I bust into hysterical laughter, and tell him that there is nothing sexy about a 10 year old. That got him he tried to come back the rest of the night, but he was no match for me lol I got an Ice Cream call, my first and I did manage to get the ice cream ordered but I am positive I said all the wrong things. I stand up to ask my supervisor about it and he says I can go home. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! So I clock out and get ready to go. I decided to go ahead and report my trouble with the one "sexy" kid and then I head home. I get there to find my hubby chopping onions, jalepenos and garlic for the chili. He puts me straight to work making chili and ended up getting on the phone and leaving me with it. Did I mention it was raining? Did anyone let the dogs in? Well hell no, they are outside wet and freezing, I let them in and they cover my kitchen in mud. That's when I realize that my oldest daughter didn't bother to do the floors.... so a fight with her and her cell phone taken away I am still stirring the chili. She gets the kitchen cleaned up and while I am waiting on the chili to get done I go lay on the bed where my hubby is laying talking on the phone STILL! Hubby gets off the phone and starts talking about you know what. I am thinking that after the day I have had I can not possibly do the nasty....NOWAY! But you know how men are...very persistant! So I figure if I give in maybe he will go to sleep and I might get a moments peace. But, I was wrong!! Remember how I said he was chopping onions, garlic and JALEPENOS? Well apparently he forgot to wash his hands.... I learned that the hard way when I went running and screaming to the bathtub burning like my unspeakable was on fire. What else can happen to me??? The bath didn't help and i ended using aloe vera on it lol But eventually the burning stopped and my hubby has the nerve to ask if I still wanna?? And yes I did end up giving in again, and this time I made him keep his hands washed or not far away from me lol and I did finally get to go to sleep.... I can only hope today is a little nicer to me lol

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sorry I haven't been around

I have not really felt like posting. I have alot of personal stuff going on, but I do have some photos to edit and share. I will get to those as soon as I can. I hope everyone is having a great day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My NEW Puppy

I got a Husky puppy, and she's soooo pretty but lacking a name. Have any ideas?

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alex's Lemonade Stand

My good friend Beth asked me to pass this on so I am it's a really good cause so give it a look:

This is my cousin Kenny.. He died at the age of 5 from cancer
He was first diagnosed at the age of 4 after his mom (my cousin) found a lump on his groin.
Kenny's cancer was undetermined. He had gone thru chemo, radiation and clinical trials, and after months of rigorous treatments they thought he became cancer free. One day his kidney had shut down, and while in the OR to insert a stent the docs decided to swab the area in the pelvis where the tumor used to be. Unfortunatley there were still active cancer cells there, and within 15 days Kenny had passed on.
I made a fundraising page over at "Alex's Lemonade Stand" so I can try to raise donations to help fight childhood cancer.
I'm not asking anyone to go out of their way to donate. But if anyone just feels like tossing some pennies on there it would be greatly appreciated. Every penny does count!
The MOST IMPORTANT part about this post to you guys is to help me spread the word.
If you cannot donate monetarily, you can pass this post or the link on to your friends, your families, your coworkers, your websites/blogs/groups/myspaces.

Here are 2 banners that you can toss onto your websites or wherever you feel you want to

I just got off the phone with my cousin and her husband a few minutes ago, we were all in tears as I showed them the page that was created. My cousin is a very special lady, who has gone thru hell and back and still has a positive outlook on life. I wanted to surprise them with this page as Kenny would have turned 13 on march 19th, and I know its a sad time of year. I cannot even begin to fathom what they have had to endure during that long and painful journey.
Here is the link to the page. Please please pass anything u can onto as many people as you can. Lets try to save another child from this terrible disease.
The fundraiser page is open until April 28th, 2008
Thank you so much Kimmee for reposting this for me! And thank you members of AIM..I hope you are all doing well!
Thank you for reading this, and my cousin and her husband thank you also

Friday, February 1, 2008

Here's the pics!!


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Ok I have settled on this, it's diffrent from the first one and not quite as dramatic as the second. My appt is at 1 tomorrow, I am getting nervous already!! Wish me luck!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some ppl are just rude

I went into a chatroom recently looking for some friendly conversation, and the ppl in there were so rude. I said hello and one of them responded, but they were ganging up on this one person claiming that they were not who they said they were. And I remember a day when I might have been involved in something like that. But honestly today it seems so childish, I guess we change over the years. I just left, there was no point in hanging around listening to this rubbish. And come to think of it, the very same thing happened the last time I was in that chatroom. I wonder if these ppl don't have things going on in their own lives and they have to live through chatroom drama. I really do feel sorry for those who are bored enough to be living in this way, it's sad....